Top Quality Air Freight Charter Services

If you are in need of moving a large amount of cargo in a hurry, then our air freight charter services provide the best solution. Your Container Solutions’ air cargo charter services will give people exclusive access to a cargo plane any time and any day. We offer our air freight services to cities in Houston, Chicago, Newark, Los Angeles, Dallas and Atlanta with a freight target in a 3-5 state radius.


Dependable Air Cargo Company


Getting a charter plane is the fastest way to have cargo shipped from point A to point B. The air freight charter planes have a big holding capacity with spacious interiors which allow for easy and efficient loading and unloading. As a reputable air cargo company, Your Container Solutions have helped move cargo via air freight from companies in oil and gas, aerospace (helicopters, planes, engines) and agriculture industries.


Air Cargo Shippers for Time-Sensitive Goods


By choosing us as your air cargo shipper, you will get excellent customer service, assistance with documentation, real-time tracking and years of industry experience. Air charter is a great method for shipping time-sensitive items that needs to arrive at a destination as soon as possible.


Break Bulk Cargo Shipping Service

If the cargo you wish to transport is too big to be transported on a platform or single flat rack, then you can take advantage of our break bulk cargo shipping service. We offer breakbulk specialists on-hand that are ready to assist you with all bookings for your XXL cargo today.

Benefits Included in Air Freight and Charter Services


Our air freight service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. If you require delivery to a destination on New Year’s Day or Thanksgiving, our air charter can get it done.

Quick Turnaround

If you’re experiencing an equipment failure problem that costs you thousands of dollars per minute, or you may need to transport equipment that is time-sensitive, our air freight service is the solution.

Real-Time Tracking

Our track and trace system will let you see where exactly your air freight is at any time. You can rest assured knowing the whereabouts of your cargo.

Why Choose our Air Freight and Charter Services?

Your Container Solutions will take care of finding the best charter plane available when you need our services. We negotiate the rates that will be the most beneficial for your budget and provide you with planes of varied sizes for your needs.

Our extensive air charter network and years of experience in the transportation industry will help you find the best cost-effective charter plane that is right for your cargo and deadline. Aside from that, we also help you manage all the proper documentation and paperwork needed to move your freight promptly.

We have aircraft on ground (AOG) and an 80% emergency response rate to all of our customers. This means that Your Container Solutions are available to react to any need at any time. The same cannot be said for most shipping companies in the market.

Contact Your Container Solutions today to find out more about our air freight and charter services. If you’re facing a sticky situation and need to meet a tight schedule for shipping, you can call us and talk to a real person right away. Our company is ready to help in getting your shipment where it is needed whenever you need us.