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Delivering innovative, value based solutions

About YCS

YCS is the invisible advantage that can transform the transportation of goods into a tangible competitive advantage. YCS applies reliable innovation to the transportation of goods, such as heavy-duty knock down crates, industrial strength shrink wraps, 3PL warehousing and an exclusive real time global transport dashboard. YCS innovations are born from decades of experience moving goods such as heavy duty oilfield equipment, advanced composite fuselages and just-in-time high-tech parts all over the globe.

Your Container Solutions Logo

Our philosophy at Nextgen Architects is to create meaningful partnerships. We’re a team of thinkers, creatives, and technology enthusiasts with a passion for doing great work. Simply stated, we believe:

Integrity is Everything

We say what we mean, and mean what we say.

Passion is Essential

The path to success is believing in what you’re doing.

Creativity is Collaborative

Everyone has something to contribute.

Good partnerships lead to great projects. Our commitment is to always provide clients with the next generation of service, design, and innovation.

Let us create a relationship with you.

  • Innovation is key

    Every problem has an optimal solution.

  • Integrity is paramount

    The only thing as strong as our crates is our word.

  • Anticipation is important

    We work to know your needs before you do.

Custom Containers

Shrink wrap

Saddles & Dunnage


Pallets & Skids

YCS Standard Crates

Heavy-Duty Knock-Down Crate

Clip Crate

Global Transport Dashboard

Global Transport Dashboard Overview

The YCS Advantage

The Right Information, The Right Decision

Access to real-time Information is critical for making real-time decisions that impact very real bottom lines. The YCS Global Transport Dashboard delivers it all, twenty four hours a day, 365 days a year in languages to suit all participants in your transport value chain.

The dashboard displays tracking data, weather updates, shipping documents, KPI’s’s of all prior shipments and port news on both ends. The Dashboard even shows a complete history of every shipment managed by the system, past, present and upcoming.

It’s all here, all live. Multiple users, accessing and updating in real time. This is how the best decisions are made, to keep the daily chaos of the world from forcing decisions into the orderly world of your value chain.



3PL Warehousing

Designed specifically with a return on your investment (ROI) as the driving force, YCS offers a complete turn-key solution for your logistics operations.

  • Warehousing
  • Transportation
    •    – Regional
    •    – Domestic
    •    – International
  • Labor
  • Kitting / Packaging / Crating
  • Inventory Experts
  • Global Freight Forwarding
  • State of the art IT solutions
    •    – GPS Tracking
    •    – Customer IT portal

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“Is your supply chain an asset or an expense?”

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